Schnauzer Rescue in Indiana

Schnauzer Rescue in Indiana

Schnauzer Rescue in Indiana: Schnauzer Friends for Rescue and Adoption

If you would like to adopt a Miniature Schnauzer, you might want to visit this Schnauzer Rescue in Indiana. Schnauzer Friends for Rescue and Adoption is a rescue that has been saving the lives of neglected and abandoned Schnauzers for over 25 years.

According to their website, they usually take in Schnauzers of around 4-7 years of age from an unfortunate life situation where the dog was neglected, abandoned, or abused. Each dog is provided full medical care and gets the necessary vaccinations, as well as gets inspected for parasites and other health issues.

The rescue’s main goal is to find a perfect home for each dog: they believe strongly that a home like that does exist and that each one of their dogs deserves it. Meanwhile, every dog is placed into a loving foster home where they are well taken care of until their permanent family is found.

This rescue serves the areas of Indiana, Kentucky, parts of Ohio, and Southern Michigan. If you would like to adopt a Schnauzer from them, you will have to start by filling in an application. The adoption fee is $250.

Apart from adopting a Mini Schnauzer from this Rescue, you can also help out by donating. Financial donations are always welcome as are the supplies, such as toys, bedding, blankets, and other dog supplies. If you are in the position to make a financial donation, this would also really help this rescue, since there are always ongoing considerable costs required to cover the vet bills, dog food, and other expenses.

You could also help by donating your time and becoming a foster home for one of the dogs. Foster parents are the most valuable assets of the rescue and are always in short demand. Becoming a foster parent would let the rescue take in and save even more dogs, and would provide you with a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the breed and share your home with a dog in need.

Learn more about this rescue, their adoptable dogs, and opportunities to help on their website.


All donations go straight to the Rescue you are donating to. This website ( does not collect any donations.


Schnauzer Owner story and breed review

What can I say about Buffy, our Mini Schnauzer? We’ve had her for almost 7 months and she has honestly been our little sunshine. Maybe not all Schnauzers are like her, but I can only say that she is absolutely perfect.

I wasn’t quite sure about the breed at first. We were considering adopting a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Schnauzer was our “second” option. But, once I learned more about Miniature Schnauzers, I decided this was a better choice. They don’t shed much, they’d don’t seem to have so many allergies, and don’t have such serious health issues as Cavaliers do. Visually I liked Cavaliers more, that is, of course, until we got Buffy.

We picked Buffy up at a shelter a few states away, it just happened that our friend had a friend in one, and Buffy just came to them from a family who couldn’t keep her due to allergies.

Buffy is a wonderful, lively healthy pup. She is very energetic and runs circles around me on our walks. At home, she either hangs out with us, plays with our cat, or naps. She is very people-oriented and always keeps us insight. We don’t have any issues walking her without a leash – she would never go anywhere far from us. She always tries to be as close to us as possible.

She loves playing fetch and just running around in the park. She enjoys hiking with us and loves a good swim.

She is very protective of us, even though she is tiny. She isn’t afraid to stand up to a large dog for us if she thinks we are being threatened.  She used to bark a lot too at any sound out in the yard, but we taught her not to.

Although Buffy loves everyone, she is a one-person dog. She thinks I am her owner and I am to be obeyed without question, while others are just her family members. She treats me like her idol: always keeps near me wherever we are, follows me wherever I go, and always chooses me if several people are calling her.

Buffy is pretty easy to groom. Her coat is short and she doesn’t shed much at all. We trim her nails and bathe her from time to time, as well as keep an eye on her ears and eyes.

She does get a little cold in winter, so we have a few sweaters for her that she doesn’t mind wearing.

I am very happy that Buffy is with us. I couldn’t imagine our life without her. She is everything one could want in a dog.