Rottweiler Rescue in Florida

Rottweiler Rescue in Florida

Rottweiler Rescue in Florida: Florida Rottweiler Rescue Ranch

Florida Rottweiler Rescue Ranch is located in Dover, Florida, and is a no-kill shelter striving to save the Rottieswhose owners can’t care for them anymore (as well as ex-military family Rotties that cant go on to the next station with their family). They also actively work with other shelters to provide a safe heaven for Rotties that would otherwise be left in the dust and possibly killed.

To adopt a Rottweiler from Florida Rottweiler Rescue Ranch you will have to reside in the areas of Florida, Alabama, and Georgia (with occasional exceptions made to the applicants outside of these states). Although this Rescue has a physical shelter, a lot of their dogs are located in foster homes. After filling in an application and being approved, you will need to travel to the location where the dog stays to meet the dog. You will need to be over 25 years old to adopt one of their dogs.  You are unlikely to be able to adopt a Rottie from this Rescue if you have children younger than 10 years old in your home. You get extra points if you already have experience of living with a Rottweiler.

If you are not quite ready to physically adopt one of their dogs, you can “adopt” it virtually! Through one of their sponsorship programs, you can help support a dog of your choosing via a monthly donation. This is a great way to help out and feel that you are making a difference in the life of the dog!

You could also help out by volunteering! Volunteers are what makes this rescue “tick” and there are so many different areas to volunteer in that anyone would be able to find an area of interest and fulfillment.

If you are interested in adopting one of the Rotties this rescue has to offer, or perhaps in offering a helping hand, please visit their website.


All donations go straight to the Rescue you are donating to. This website ( does not collect any donations.