Poodle Rescue in Florida

Poodle Rescue in Florida

Poodle Rescue in Florida: Poodle and Pooch Rescue

This Florida Poodle Rescue organization rescues poodles (and sometimes other pooches) that have very little or no hope to be saved. Those are usually older animals or dogs with health conditions that nobody wants. According to their website, this Rescue has been around for over twelve years and has saved thousands of poodles throughout the years!

Every poodle on Poodle and Pooch Rescue goes through extensive vet exams and are treated for any conditions that they may have. Each dog is then placed into a foster family until a permanent family is found: the family that will love and cherish the dog until their last days on Earth.

There is a number of criteria you will need to meet if you would like to adopt one of their animals. You will need to be over 21 years of age and reside within Florida. You will need to be ready to adopt a dog right away. It is the rescue center that will determine which dogs you could adopt based on the best fit between you and a dog, in their opinion.

If you’re ready to adopt, you will need to fill in an application, go through an interview, and meet the dog and its foster parents. It is usually the foster parents that make the final decision of whether the dog would be a good fit for you or not as they are the people that know the dog very well.

Apart from (or together with) adoption, you could help this wonderful Rescue center by volunteering for them. This is where you could shine in areas such as administration, event planning/organizing, dog transportation, and others. You could also foster some of their dogs!

This Rescue also greatly appreciates donations to cover some of their considerable expenses (such as vet bills, food, toys, etc). Please consider donating to this wonderful Rescue so they can give hope and life to even more dogs in need.


All donations go straight to the Rescue you are donating to. This website (allrescue.org) does not collect any donations.


Poodle owner story and breed review


We have a two-year-old poodle Chip. He is a pretty typical poodle: very smart, very energetic, and very loving. He is pretty amazing really. Everybody loves him because he is so friendly. When we are out on walks we almost always meet someone who wants to pet him or learn more about him and Chip is super enthusiastic and friendly about the new person too. He jumps really high and has licked many kids on the face!

Still, he loves his own family – us – most of all. He is very good at walking off-leash as his recall is amazing. He won’t go very far away from us, always keeping us insight.

He almost never barks, and if he does, there is a reason for it.

He is a bit of a thief and will steal anything that’s not put away. He’ll steal my socks, books, underwear, scarves, shoes – literally anything. He won’t even chew them up really, just steal a thing and put it away. Then I will find my sock two months later in some hidden spot of his.

He can be a bit crazy at times when he seems to be bursting with energy. He’ll start galloping around the house, jumping up on beds and literally bouncing off the walls. It’s hilarious even though it can be mess-producing.

He doesn’t have any allergies, which is a relief, because our previous dog did. He eats anything, but we try to feed him really good food so that he stays healthy.

One downside is having to groom him often. His coat needs to be brushed at least several times a week, and he is white, so he gets dirty easily. We do have to bathe him almost every day in the winter when it’s dirty outside, otherwise, he’ll track everything inside. But there is so much joy and love that he brings us that any downsides are very worth it. We love him to bits and wouldn’t live without him.