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Golden Retriever Rescue NJ: Big Dog Rescue Project

This Golden Retriever Rescue in New Jersey is a small organization dedicated to saving Goldens from high-kill shelters (Primarily in Texas). They adopt the dogs out to three different US areas including the Northeast US. If you are in this area, you may send in an application and see if you can be approved to adopt out a dog.

Apart from adopting one of their Goldens, you can help out by volunteering. As stated on their website, this organization particularly requires volunteers to transport the dogs.

They also always need foster homes and invite potential new foster homes to consider this wonderful opportunity. As a foster, you would keep the dog for an average of 2-4 weeks in your home and provide full care for the dog as if it was yours until it finds a new home.

If you are seeking to surrender a Golden Retriever or a Golden mix, this organization may be able to help, although their main focus is to rescue the dogs from the Texas area.

If you are looking to adopt a Golden, surrender a Golden, or would like to volunteer or foster, please visit this Rescue’s website.


All donations go straight to the Rescue you are donating to. This website ( does not collect any donations.

Golden Retriever Rescue NJ: Golden Re-Triever Rescue NJ

This is another Golden Retriever Rescue in New Jersey and it has been working since 1997. It is ran by a group of Golden Retriever enthusiasts and lovers. According to their website, throughout the years of their work, they have rescued and re-homed over 1000 Goldens into new forever homes.

This Golden Retriever rescue area of service is Rockland County NY, New Jersey, and Westchester County.

According to their website, most of the Goldens in this Rescue come from owners who are no longer able to care for their dogs. They also from time to time remove the dogs from unfortunate and often abusive circumstances, as well as other shelters. A lot of their dogs come from Turkey, and if you plan to adopt a dog from Turkey, you will need to meet a certain set of requirements for those specific dogs.

All of the dogs that are available for adoption through this center undergo thorough vet and behavior evaluations to ensure the dog is healthy and may safely go on to a new home.

Your own application will also be thoroughly studied and evaluated to see if you would be a good home for one of the dogs. As part of the process, you will go through an interview and a home visit.

In regards to the dogs from Turkey, this Rescue will require full commitment from you in case you want to adopt one of these dogs. You will not be able to meet the dog, in fact, they will require your firm decision to adopt before the dog even leaves Turkey.

This Rescue does have an adoption fee. You can expect to pay anywhere from $300 for senior dogs to $700 for a puppy.

In addition to adopting (or instead of) you could also volunteer at this Golden Retriever Rescue. YOu can do various tasks such as fund-raising, organizing, planning and leading various events such as garage sales, etc. You can volunteer to transport the dogs, interview new potential adopters. You can help with home visits, events, and even fostering a dog, which could be great chance to learn more about the breed before you actually adopt your own.

If you would like to adopt one of the Goldens from this Golden Retriever Rescue or are up for volunteering or fostering, please visit their website to learn more and fill in an application.


All donations go straight to the Rescue you are donating to. This website ( does not collect any donations.

Before adopting a dog from a Golden Retriever Rescue in New Jersey

Golden Retriever Owner story

My husband and  I have been thinking of getting a dog long before we even got married. We both love dogs and we had no doubts that we will own one at some point. A few months after our wedding we found out that there was a Golden Retriever in the local rescue: somebody just left her there, abandoned. We went to see her that very day and the day after that, after having done all the paperwork, we brought Tysha home.

She’s been with us for a year now, and every day my love for her is growing bigger despite any difficulties we may face. Which we did face. Since the dog was mostly neglected in her old home, she had some behavior issues and hardly knew any commands. She didn’t even know she was supposed to listen to us at all and was very shy, introverted and skittish. I think her previous owner didn’t spend any time with her whatsoever.

This is why we had to take her to puppy classes and teach her basic obedience and how to walk on a leash properly without pulling. She also learned how to “sit”, “roll”, “fetch” and a few other things. After a while, she became a much more convenient dog and pleasant to be around. She can still have a lot of behavior issues but these days it’s only bad when she doesn’t get enough exercise. Then she gets bored and falls back onto her destructive behavior patterns. But if she’s had a good, busy, active day, she becomes very pliable. All in all, even with all the difficulties that we have had, I still love her so much and have never regretted our decision to adopt Tysha.

Talking about downsides to having her, I would have to say dog hair. It is everywhere. Life with a Golden is constant cleaning up, brushing hair, vacuuming, and pulling out hairs from your food. Don’t get a Golden if all of this sounds gross to you.

Her health has also been a bit of a struggle. She has a very delicate stomach so we have to closely watch her food. We usually give her home-made meals: mostly beef, offal, chicken everything either raw (blanched) or slightly boiled. We have to be careful with chicken as too much can cause allergy. When we feed her like this, you can literally see her coat getting more shiny and beautiful, and she seems happier too, then when she eats commercial food. Grains are not very healthy for her: she gets diarrhea and vomiting if she eats too much oatmeal or rice. We also give her vitamins.

Tysha very much has a true Golden personality in that she loves swimming and fetching stuff for us. We don’t hunt, but if we did, I think she would be great at that. As it is, she only gets to fetch sticks we through in the water for her. She also loves playing in the park, hiking through the woods with us, and really anything active. We love it too because she made us much more active. When you have a dog, you have to spend enough time outside for them to get their share of exercise, and it’s a great opportunity for humans to exercise as well. I think we both lost some weight since we got our Tysha!

Another thing I love about our Golden Retriever is that she is always in a great mood. She’s happy, easy-going, affectionate, very loving, and enthusiastic about just about everything. We really love her sweet disposition and how she makes life more exciting for all of us.

Mary and Tysha