Doberman Rescue in Florida

Doberman Rescue in Florida

Doberman Rescue IN Florida: Doberman Rescue League Inc

This Florida Doberman Rescue has been around for over 43 years, striving to help save and rehome Dobermans that were abandoned, given up on, and neglected. According to their website, they accept almost 90 Dobermans per year into their program! Every dog receives all the necessary medical care, shots, and vaccinations and is spayed and neutered. This rescue serves the whole state of Florida.

If you would like to adopt a Doberman from Doberman Rescue League, you will need to fill in an application and go through a home visit for the rescue to make sure you and your family are ready for a Doberman. You will also need to pay an adoption fee of $300 or more depending on the dog.

Apart from adopting a Doberman from them, you could help this rescue in other ways. You could volunteer in various capacities, including dog walking, event organizing and coordinating, transportation, and more. You could also welcome a Doberman into your home as a foster parent. In this case, the dog would live with you until they find a permanent home. This is a wonderful way to not only learn more about Dobermans (and feel their love!) but also to help out a rescue, as foster homes are always in short demand and are very much needed.

If you are able to contribute financially, please consider donating to this rescue to support them and their dogs in their hard work of saving Dobermans in need. Learn more about adopting one of their dogs and about the opportunities to help on their website.


All donations go straight to the Rescue you are donating to. This website ( does not collect any donations.


Owner story and breed review


As a Doberman owner, I would say there are a few things that you should know about the breed before adopting one. It’s a great breed, they are truly amazing, but this isn’t a dog for just about anyone.

Dobermans have somewhat of a reputation and lots of people are wary of them. Keep in mind that you may have neighbors that will be wary of you and your dog and distrust both of you. In truth, any dog can be aggressive and potentially dangerous, not just Dobermans, but not everybody understands it.

Dobermans are very active and energetic. You have to be ready for it. Our Lex is probably on the calmer side, but he is still very active. If you have a Doberman, you will need to make sure you are able to put their energy to good use otherwise they can become bored and destructive. Long, active walks, training, any sport you can do with your dog – all of those are some great ideas to keep your dog busy. You also need to keep their mind busy too, not just their body. Training is perfect for that, as well as taking them places they haven’t been yet and exposing them to various environments.

This is a strong dog. Even as a puppy, Lex would be a force to reckon with if he decided to pull on the leash. We realized we would be in trouble if we didn’t teach him to behave from a very young age. Now that he weighs 100 lbs and is over 65 cm tall, it comes very useful that he never pulls and listens to us. An untrained Doberman is a powerful and potentially dangerous animal. You need to be able to control your dog! And that comes with lots and lots of training. Don’t adopt a Doberman if you are not planning to do lots of training with them.

In general, this is a wonderful breed. They are highly intelligent, very loving, and devoted to their owners, obviously can stand up for their family against an aggressor, etc. They are also utter goofballs and clowns and will make you laugh every day. But this is also a very serious breed and you need to approach it responsibly. Don’t adopt a Doberman if you don’t have much (or any) experience with dogs and aren’t ready to work with your dog.