Rottweiler Rescue in Florida

Rottweiler Rescue in Florida

Rottweiler Rescue in Florida: Florida Rottweiler Rescue Ranch

Florida Rottweiler Rescue Ranch is located in Dover, Florida, and is a no-kill shelter striving to save the Rottieswhose owners can’t care for them anymore (as well as ex-military family Rotties that cant go on to the next station with their family). They also actively work with other shelters to provide a …

Doberman Rescue in Florida

Doberman Rescue in Florida

Doberman Rescue IN Florida: Doberman Rescue League Inc

This Florida Doberman Rescue has been around for over 43 years, striving to help save and rehome Dobermans that were abandoned, given up on, and neglected. According to their website, they accept almost 90 Dobermans per year into their program! Every dog receives all the necessary medical care, shots, and vaccinations and …

Dog Rescue in Florida: all Florida rescues

Dog Rescue in Florida: all Florida rescues

Dog Rescue in Florida: Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever Emergency Assistance Team is a rescue organization located in Northeast Florida. This rescue has been functioning for over 20 years, and, according to their website, they have found new homes for more than 1000 Golden Retrievers. They take in abandoned, abused or neglected Golden’s from shelters and other rescues in the area.…

Golden Retriever Rescue in Florida

Golden Retriever Rescue Florida

Golden Retriever Rescue Florida: Emerald Coast Golden Retriever Rescue

If you are searching for a Golden Retriever Rescue in Florida, visit Emerald Coast Golden Retriever Rescue. This is a volunteer-run organization located on Florida’s Gulf coast. Their main goal is to find a good home for each Golden who has been abandoned, neglected or abused, or just given up on. …


German Shepherd Rescue in Florida

German Shepherd Rescue in Florida: Southwest Florida German Shepherds

This German Shepherd Rescue has been operating in Florida for more than 13 years and is located in Punta Gorda, Fl. During the years of service, they have found new homes and families for over a thousand German Shepherds. According to their website, their goal is to take the homeless,