Bulldog Rescue in Texas

Bulldog Rescue in Texas

Bulldog Rescue in Texas: No Borders Bulldog Rescue

If you are searching for a Bulldog Rescue in Texas, one of the rescues you can visit is No borders Bulldog Rescue. According to their website, this is a Volunteer-run organization dedicated to saving, rehabilitating and rehoming Bulldogs in need. They work with all types of Bulldogs. Most of the bulldogs they get are middle-aged to older dogs and they rarely have puppies.

Abandoned bulldogs come to this rescue from all walks of life. They are the dogs whose owners can’t keep taking care of them. They also come from other shelters and sometimes even just from the street. Every dog is found the best possible home to match their unique personality and needs.

Apart from working in Texas, this Rescue has a network in other areas of the country which ultimately allows them to save more dogs.

In terms of the adoption process, it can take from days to months depending on the situation and whether the suitable dog is available. Each dog is found the most suitable home due to the endless efforts of the volunteers involved.

All of the bulldogs that come to this rescue center are very well taken care of. They get all necessary shots and vaccinations, are spayed and neutered as well as microchipped. They all so get all the necessary medical help including surgeries.

If you are not quite ready to adopt one of their bulldogs, you can help in other ways. You can volunteer in various aspects of the life of the rescue such as helping with fundraising and event organization, as well as transport bulldogs. You can donate both monetary donations as well as supplies such as toys, food and bedding for the dogs.

Finally, you can become a foster parent. Fostering involves taking the dog in your home and taking care of them until they find a permanent home. As a foster parent, you will play a major role in walking the dog, feeding it, socializing it, watching and observing it to help evaluate its personality and needs. You can even end up adopting your foster “child”.

If you are interested in adopting a Bulldog from this Rescue or helping them in any way, please visit their website.


All donations go straight to the Rescue you are donating to. This website (allrescue.org) does not collect any donations.