Boston Terrier rescue in Arizona

Boston Terrier rescue in Arizona

Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue

This Boston Terrier rescue in Arizona is located in Scottsdale, AZ.  They are a non-profit, dedicated to saving, rehabilitating, and rehoming Boston Terriers in need, as well as educating the public on responsible dog ownership and proper pet care. This organization has been around for 45 years! They accept Boston Terriers from a variety of unfortunate situations, such as those abandoned by their owners, surrender to other shelters, neglected, abused, or lost Boston Terriers. They work throughout the whole state and even take some out-of-state dogs in as well.

This Rescue is run solely by volunteers who donate their time, effort, and lots of love to the breed.

To adopt one of their Boston Terriers, you will need to fill in an application. According to their website, they have more potential adopters than they do dogs, so you may have to wait until you can adopt a dog from them. If your application is chosen, you will receive a call and a home visit. This rescue strives to find the most suitable home for each of their dogs. This is another reason why you may have to wait until the right dog finds you.

Before the dog comes into your home, they will be spayed/neutered. as well as vaccinated and microchipped. The adoption fees vary from $150 to $400 depending on the age of the dog.

If you are not yet ready to adopt a Boston Terrier or have to wait until one finds you, you can help pout this Rescue and get involved with the breed while you are waiting. You can volunteer at the Rescue, helping with various roles such as Adoption Coordinator, Event Coordinator, Matchmaker between dogs and potential owners, and many more.

You could also even foster a Boston Terrier! This will include taking full care of the dog while it’s in your home and being involved in the meet and greet events when there is a potential adopter. All supplies and medical care will be provided by the Rescue. This is a great way to get involved with the breed before adopting your own Boston Terrier.

To learn more about this rescue and opportunities to help them or adopt one of their dogs, please visit their website.


All donations go straight to the Rescue you are donating to. This website ( does not collect any donations.