Thinking of getting a dog?

Thinking about getting a dog? Have you considered adopting one from a shelter? With so many needing a home, adopting from a shelter will give you an opportunity to save a dog’s life and provide it with a loving family for the rest of its days. Change a dog’s life and add a million points to your karma while you’re at it.

Even if you are looking for a purebred dog, there are plenty of shelters that focus on the breed you are interested in. You can find them all on our website!

To find a shelter focussing on a breed you are looking for, use the search page on our website. It will connect you with all the shelters working with your chosen breed in your chosen area. We promise you will find plenty of dogs just waiting for someone like you to open your home and your heart to them.

We can’t guarantee you will be able to get a puppy. Puppies are squishy and adorable and don’t end up in shelters very often. It is usually once they grow up that circumstances or people’s minds change. A dog may have a behavioral issue easily fixed with some training and discipline, yet the owner may not have the time and thus abandons the dog. Or the owner simply moves and doesn’t have space for the dog anymore. Divorces break families apart and dogs are left in the middle. And sometimes, loving owners simply die and don’t have anyone to take care of the dog.

It doesn’t matter why the dog ends up in a shelter. It matters what happens to the dog next. This is where you come in. This is where you can change the world – even for just one dog!