Did you know that about 4 million dogs enter shelters each year just in the USA alone? And that almost 50% of them get killed because they can’t find a new home? In fact, over 5000 shelter animals are killed in the US every day. Most of those animals are healthy and would have lived a long happy life.

Instead, they live out their last days in shelters, in cramped, scary, underfunded spaces with staff shortages, lonely and afraid. They aren’t getting the necessities such as food and water, let alone love. They are forgotten and abandoned.

It is time we help them, in any way we can.



Thinking about getting a dog? Have you considered adopting one from a shelter? With so many needing a home, adopting from a shelter will give you an opportunity to save a dog’s life and provide it with a loving family for the rest of its days. Change a dog’s life and add a million points to your karma while you’re at it.

Even if you are looking for a purebred dog, there are plenty of shelters that focus on the breed you are interested in. You can find them all on our website!



What is the one thing every dog shelter (and animal shelter in general) needs? Volunteers! There is always a shortage and a big need for volunteers.

As a volunteer, you could be involved in various areas such as transporting dogs, taking care of them, taking them to the vet,  organizing events, fundraising, marketing, help with web design and photography, and many, many others.

Whatever it is, there is nothing more fulfilling than knowing that your work helps save innocent animals from being abandoned or even killed.



Are you thinking of adopting a dog in the future but aren’t quite ready yet? Did you know you could foster dogs? Almost every shelter needs many foster homes to take care of their dogs while they are looking for a new home for the pooch.

As a foster owner, you will have the dog live in your home and take care of the dog including feeding it, walking it, helping socialize it and more. It’s a great opportunity to try your hand at dog ownership and help a great cause while you’re at it.



One sure-fire way to help out a rescue organization is to donate. Your donation will be used for various causes such as paying for vet visits, dog food, crates and toys, etc. No donation is too small and you can donate once or set up a regular donation.